Nathan Crenshaw Sept 2022

WIOA Scholarship Provides Opportunity for IT Career

Nathan Crenshaw graduated from high school with a desire to continue his education, but fears of student loan debt led him to get a job instead. He soon realized that in order to further his career he was going to need to go back to school. After Nathan expressed an interest in computer technology, his friends and family urged him to look into the Information Technology Systems Management program at TCAT-McKenzie.

Nathan had been living with and sharing expenses with his sister, but after she accepted an out-of-town job offer, he was suddenly in a position to have to bear all the living expenses on his own. Nathan knew he needed help paying for school to help achieve his career goals since he was already struggling to pay bills. He heard about the WIOA scholarship program and met with Career Advisor, Rhonda Mitchum, at the American Job Center-Huntingdon.

“I met with her about my career path and what I wanted to do,” Nathan said. “At the moment I found out that I was becoming a recipient of the WIOA scholarship, it strengthened my resolve, and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.”

Proud of his achievements, Nathan gives credit to Rhonda Mitchum for encouraging him. “She always created a warm and very professional environment for me. When she would check in and I would speak with her, she would always provide me with that extra boost to do my very best and to keep working hard. She would often tell me that I was going to be successful.”

After completion of the program, Nathan quickly secured a job with Braden Healthcare at Houston County Community Hospital as IT Generalist, where his responsibilities include systems management, administration functions, maintenance on physical hardware, security measures, and logic concepts. “I love critical thinking and solving problems,” said Nathan.  “Hearing from staff members with problems and giving them a smile on their face once I have resolved the issue is a great feeling.”

Nathan is thankful the Information Technology Systems Management Program, which he credits for preparing him to continuously learn and apply cutting-edge technology in his workplace, as well as maintaining a passion for his work. He feels that it served as a crucial first step to a bright future.

“The WIOA Scholarship program gave me the opportunity to achieve my goals and allowed me to graduate and become the professional I knew I could be,” said Nathan. “I could not be more thankful or blessed.” He encourages students to apply for the WIOA scholarship if they are hesitant about going back or starting school. “Give yourself the opportunity to make your dreams possible. We are much more capable than we can imagine; we just have to work hard and believe that all the sacrifices will be worth it in the end.”