The NWTN Workforce Board was pleased to have guest Mitch Fielder, Owner and Operator of Chick-fil-A Dyersburg, speak on "Betting on Talent:  Maximizing Impact of Employee Engagement."


Mitch Fielder is an expert in driving employee engagement and developing strategies to maximize productivity and employee satisfaction simultaneously.  Fielder shared the attributes that drive employee engagement to create maximum impact on the employee experience: 

  1. “High Performance Leaders who are committed to making their organization a great place to work.” 
  2. “Leaders value people as their most important resource.” 
  3. “Employees trust leadership to guide the company and make the right decisions.” 
  4. “Employees understand how they fit into company goals and the future.” 
  5. “The organization invests in making employees more successful.” 
    Also discussed will be strategies for virtual recruitment.