Collin Niegocki 6.22 croppedWIOA Helps Student Transition from High School to TCAT to Employment 

 My name is Collin Niegocki. After High School, I was enchanted by the concept of Heating and Cooling and was encouraged to think about becoming a student at the HVAC program at TCAT. Shortly thereafter, I decided to enroll at the TCAT-McKenzie school in the HVAC program in Fall 2020. I earned my credential in the HVAC program from TCAT-McKenzie in Fall 2021 and began working at Culley Mechanical Services.

Thankfully, financial assistance was not the only thing I was getting from the Career Advisor, Rhonda Mitchum, with WIOA. The extra encouragement and guidance through the WIOA program from her really helped during my time at TCAT-McKenzie. She stayed in contact with me, and let me know when I needed to complete paperwork . School helped develop my way of thinking to use logic and work through problems that seem impossible. It has prepared me to never give up and to patiently work through things. I came to love HVAC and I have discovered that it is the right path for me. Most Importantly it has taught me that hard work is all it takes.