Recently, the City of Alamo entered into an apprenticeship training agreement with the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts, The National Rural Water Association, and the U.S. Dept. of Labor.  The 24-month program will prepare two Alamo Water & Sewer employees for state certification in wastewater treatment operations.

The apprentices, Michael Kee and Will Perry, will follow specific curricular guidelines through on-the-job training (OJT) and related technical instruction (RTI), along with completing 4,000 hours of on-the-job training under the supervision/mentorship of plant operator John Gorman. Additionally, Kee and Perry will complete 288 hours of RTI that is provided by Tennessee Association of Utility Districts. These specialized, industry-specific courses focus on water and wastewater treatment and will result in the apprentices leaving the program with multiple industry certifications.

The goal of this apprenticeship program is to produce highly trained system operators that will support existing facility operators and replace retiring operators. This unique program strives to provide state-of-the-art trained individuals to serve and protect water sources and treatment in Tennessee’s rural communities. Having skilled individuals operating our most essential resource facilities is important to the safety and confidence of those communities. 

Funding for the apprenticeship program was made possible by the Tennessee Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship Grant and administered locally by the Northwest Tennessee Workforce Board. 

This apprenticeship opportunity was the vision of Alamo Mayor John Avery Emison and John “Junior” Gorman. Their leadership and investment in this program will contribute greatly to the future growth and protection of the Alamo water system.