The Northwest TN Workforce Board in Local Workforce Development Area 12 has developed a partnership with the Dyer County Sheriff’s Office to establish a “specialized” TN Career Center on the campus of the Dyer County Correctional Work Center (DCCWC). The 30-bed inmate correctional center opened summer of 2015, providing counseling on relapse prevention, drug and alcohol education, and socialization, to its male population. 

A lengthy assessment is given to each inmate prior to being referred from the general population jail facility to the DCCWC, which is a State approved mental health counseling center. The goal of the new Jail2Job program is that by the time inmates are released, they will owe no fines, have a valid driver’s license, be drug free, and have a job.

To achieve this goal, Jail2Job will provide each inmate with onsite career services as if he were visiting the local TN Career Center.